The lost childhood: Orenburgin told about how he met his father from the front

Interrupted youth, spoiled childhood… Stories of people who during the Great Patriotic war were still children can be collected in more than one book. And it will be written in tears. It is difficult to believe that the beautiful and smiling Maria Ludishcheva remembers the horrors and hardships of war.

We will not say good-bye!

The editorial office of “Orenburg week” managed to communicate with the screenwriter of the film Natalia Lebedeva.

We Visited and saw the city of God – Yaroslavl

If you love Russian antiquity, then you need to Yaroslavl, the capital of the Golden ring. This city still retains the spirit of Ancient Russia.

Kim Breitburg: “there must be light in the play”

There is a work on the musical of Kim Breitburg “Jane Eyre” based on the novel by Charlotte Bronte on stage. Production group came to Orenburg in full force, headed by producer and composer Kim Breitburg.

Anna Dryganova: “Sometimes I look at other people’s work and think, why it wasn`t made by me”

We talked about inspiration, vandalism and also we found out why there are more monumental paintings in Orenburg than in Moscow.