Anna Dryganova: “Sometimes I look at other people’s work and think, why it wasn`t made by me”

“Orenburg Week” met with the muralist Anna Dryganova. We talked about inspiration, vandalism and also we found out why there are more monumental paintings in Orenburg than in Moscow.

Drawing facades, you touch to eternity.

— Please, could you tell me, how you came to the big drawings. Why did you choose the house?

— At first, I like to draw big pictures on the walls and on large canvases. Little ones don’t impress me. The first picture was “The Little Humpbacked horse” on 70 sq. m. Then I just wanted to write something monumental. It was my initiative, and the administration allocated me the area. Secondly, when you decorate facades, you touch to eternity. They are seen by all and more than one decade.

— Did they help you or it was all at your own expense?

— I drew “The Little Humpbacked horse” -at my own expense and sponsors helped with other paintings. “Girl” was generally made as part of the capital repair on a residential building. I did everything alone. I was just shown how the lift works by which I drew on the building. I drew picture about three weeks on Lipovaya Street.

— How did you come to drawing generally?

— I liked to draw in the childhood then I went to art school. I dropped out of art school and I flanged myself into a mathematics. I studied Economics and worked for 7 years. I was engaged in decoration, but I felt that I wasn`t fully realized. Once I took a brush in my hand and understood I want to do it again. My first big picture “White roses” was on 13 sq.m. After that I was pulled to draw and now I can`t imagine life without painting. Besides, it brings a good income and I don`t have to sit in the office. Though work happens seasonal. It is physically difficult to draw on buildings. It is necessary to carry the weights, to skip on woods and step ladders. You constantly moving and doing something. In general, having gone to the free artists, I stopped getting fat (laughs).

— Aren`t you terribly at the height?

— No! On the contrary, I like height and even enjoyed climbing up. From there, stunning views of the autumn park opened and this is an indescribable riot of colors. So inspiring! I have a very interesting job – each order is unique; each picture is individual. I started working with children. Recently there was an activity –we were spray-painting the van. You aren`t so much transmit knowledge them, as you kindle interest to drawing. In parallel, you teach the basic rules – the horizon line, geometry, pattern and other highlights. you get tired from this, but you are mad charged. It is important that this be a game for children. I even show tricks-mix colors, and they turn into a completely new color. Their eyes are shining! New artists have already begun to form perhaps thanks to these sparks. An artist is a certain mindset, and skills and knowledge are obtained over time. Eye stuffed to see colour, light, expanded color only with experience.

— Is monumentalism developed in Orenburg? Are there any other artists who paint giant paintings?

— There are people who are engaged on rather high level. And there is even a school of aerography. Yes, we have a lot of worthy competitors. Sometimes I look at other people’s work and think, why it wasn`t made by I. But I don`t compete – I rather scoop inspiration. There aren`t so many artists, qualitatively drawing large canvases.

— How in other cities with pictures in this style? Which city is the most advanced?

— The most advanced in the plan of art is Ekaterinburg. There is festival “Stenograffiya” comes to us. There is absolutely no conservatism and you can do just crazy things on the facades. It is open to any innovations. There is a very little street art in Moscow, there is a military-patriotic style or purely advertising. They do not give to draw on monuments and most beautiful buildings in Saint-Petersburg and I, for example, don`t raise my hand. It pulls something to draw on the usual “boxes” in the sleeping areas. But it is very difficult to get permission even there. When I went to the capital, I thought that I would see some amazing drawings, but I didn`t notice anything unusual. But they have frameworks much tougher, than at us. May be, there are so few monumental pictures.

— Where do you get your inspiration? Where do you get your ideas?

— Sometimes, you see a picture on an empty wall-you understand that this should be exactly here. You come home and do a quick sketch. That is why I start working with a visit to the object-sometimes the environment, the atmosphere, the location strongly affect what story I choose.

— How important is it for you, how do people perceive your work?

— People treat to the drawings with big respect. My picture “Girl” even was illuminated – inhabitants collected signatures, they delivered pole with lantern, they installed electrical equipment and pay for it. This is an indicator. At first they were skeptical, although they saw the sketch, and when I talked to the residents in the process, it was noticeable how their opinion and mood changed. Beauty creates a positive atmosphere. They even supported, and shouted: “Thank you! Continue further”.

— Were there any cases of vandalism?

— About a year ago, I decided to visit on “The Little Humpbacked Horse,” and there was an indecent word written on it. It was shallow, but it was. I was very upset. But after a while I visited its again, and the word had already washed away. The picture was stronger than a strong word. Nature has cleared the picture itself.

— What are your plans?

— I have an offer to work in Moscow while we coordinate the project. The capital is not impressed, so I do not know how long I will stay there. But I will return to Orenburg sooner or later. I won the competition of the Fund for modernization of housing and public utilities and if they come to me, I will be happy to cooperate with them. I paint the Facades with great pleasure. Before I had the idea to make a drawing on the pavement and a crazy idea to decorate the embankment. But not all, but only the steps from the end-from the bridge would be visible pattern, and the top is completely invisible. Apparently, this not destined to come true…

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