We will not say good-bye!

“Ocrober,1941. Many thousands of German army comes to Kalinin (now Tver) to capture it, to open a direct path to Moscow”. There are only two thousand people without tanks and artillery on protection of the city. The only hope to detain the enemy-the echelons of the fifth infantry division, which is about to pass through the Kalinin station. But saboteurs intend to make everything that it wouldn`t happen. The head of the Kalinin garrison, major Pavel Sysoev, struggling to keep the city in order and calm, he fell under suspicion of involvement in the enemy sabotage group.

So they describe action in the film “We will not say Goodbye” which came to the wide screen on June 21 of this year. The editorial office of “Orenburg week” managed to communicate with the screenwriter of the film Natalia Lebedeva. One of the key moments that Natalie and Director Paul Drozdov – the residents of Tver. And the story told in this film-including their story.

— How did the idea of the script appear and how was the work on it?

— The idea of the film came to Director Pavel Drozdov a few years ago. It was very important to tell a story about his hometown during the war for him, and I like a native of Tver understand him very well. Our grandparents survived then the real nightmare: my relatives and Pavel`s relatives fled the city a few days before the Germans arrived. Precisely he wanted to tell about these days, about confusion and panic. We wrote the script for a long time. By the time I joined the project, Pavel Drozdov and Viktor Kulikov had already created the initial version, and then producer Alexey Petrukhin joined us.

— What was the main idea you put into the script?

— For me personally, the main idea was to look at those events through the eyes of modern man. I tried through the characters to answer the question, what made people, our great-grandparents, stay and protect our city, which, as it seemed, was doomed? What allowed them to overcome the horror of those days?

— Were you on the filming? Have you seen the finished film? Is everything as you planned, or something left behind the scenes?

— Yes, I was present at the shooting, it was a real team work. I was amazed by the actors. From the process of transformation, from how the actors lived and experienced the fate of their characters, breathtaking. Unfortunately, not everything that was shot was included in the film, but the producers promise a full TV version, which already includes all the material.

— Can you tell us about your heroes? How did they go through the war?

— My grandfather, Vyacheslav Petrovich Elkin, went to war in 1943, when he was only 17 years old. He fought for only three months, was seriously wounded in the leg, and the shard remained there all his life. He did not tell anything about the war, I know only from the documents he picked up fallen out of the hands of the commander of the banner and took command. And my grandmother, Evgenia Andreevna Alekseeva, was only six years old in 1941. She with her mother and sister left Kalinin two days before the arrival of the Germans. She told how she saw bombs which fell down peas on the city on the night of October 13, and they already were in several kilometers from Kalinin, ran to relatives to the village.


— In your opinion, did you manage to convey the idea that you put into the script?

— I think so. Many viewers write that the film made them think about what our loved ones had to survive in those years. I saw people coming out of the cinema with their red eyes with tears.

Interesting facts about the film

The filming took place in the city of Tver, where 500 real residents were involved in the crowd scenes.
The film crew worked at a frost of -30 degrees.
One parishioner took actor Yuri Kuznetsov in a suit for a real priest and asked him to bless during the filming of the scene in the church.
Tver bridge in the film is a real bridge, which was involved in military operations in 1941. The city administration gave permission to shoot a film on this bridge for the first time in history.
Actor Arthur Vakha has the same military rank as his grandfather in 1941 on the plot of the film.
While working on the film, the operator was shooting with two models of self-balancing scooter.

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