Ganina`s Yama: the place where death is

Ganina`s Yama is terrible place which was made one of the most popular Orthodox pilgrim objects of Middle Urals.

“And you know, Vladimir Lenin was so afraid Nikolay II that he kept Nikolay`s II alcoholized head in his safe!”. We heard such almost centenary prescription`s version of events during visiting cloistral complex “Ganyna`s Yama”, which is under Ekaterinburg. Whether same parishioner or altar boy told about it to the visitors of one of the temples. People heeded his words and they grievously noded heads…

The last refuge

Pilgrims from all country have come to monastery in honor of Holy Regal passion-bearers already 18 years. He is based in the place of deserted mine called Ganina`s Yama, where are Bolsheviks, as Russian Orthodox Church considers, exported the remains of imperial shot family in 1918 led by the last Russia emperor Nikolay II.

Go back 100 years ago

History with finding of imperial remains so far causes disputes between scientists and the representatives of Russian Orthodox church. Oh, how many is written of falsifications and forgeries! What debates are arranged! But for today, let`s we will adhere to only official data which confirm historical documents and modern examinations.

So, Ganina`s Yama is deserted mine, where people wanted to extract gold at the end XIX – beginning XX century. It located approximately in 20 kilometres from Ekaterinburg. But field was poor, therefore it was deserted. It got its name from the nickname of its owner, Ghani, who was actually called Gavriil.

As scientists established, Bolsheviks exported the bodies of imperial family and servants and threw out to one of flooded pits exactly to this mine after execution in July 1918. However, decision was accepted to move them already following at night. As a result, bodies were brought by a few kilometers further from mine and they were dug under flooring in Porosenkovyj broad gully on old Koptyakovskaya road.

The remains of imperial family found the first time as early as 1978. But in Soviet times, they did not dare to talk about it. In 1991 archaeologists extracted bodies, and they buried in St. Petersburg in Peter and Paul Fortress after seven years.

Examinations showed that the remains of emperor Nikolay II, empress Aleksandra Fedorovna, their daughters of Olga, Tatiana and Anastassia, their approximate Yevgenia Botkina, Anna Demidova, Ivan Kharitonov and Aloiziya Troupe are found.

They found the cesarevitchs` bones of Alexey and great princess Maria Nikolaevna away from this burial in 2007.
However, Russian Orthodox church will not admit scientists finding so far, declaring that it falsification, though results of numerous genetic examinations prove the accessory of found remains to Romanovy’s family.

They have come from all Russia to Ganina`s Yama, rather often there it is possible to meet and tourists from different world countries already about 20 years. They believe that they are in the place of the last haven of imperial family, and there are just random visitors happen in Porosenkovyj broad gully (where killed rested more than 70 years)

Place to reflect

The first Orthodox cross established in fat 1991 beside Ganina`s Yama. The first church was laid on this place after nine years and monastery was founded at the end of December that year. It was erected quickly: there were already seven temples on this territory after three years later.

Wooden temple in the name of Holy Regal passion-bearers became the first. It was laid on the 1st October,2000, and they already consecrated on 27th October. The main temple relic is reliquary cross in which they are stored to power of 40 Orthodox holy. It belonged to Elizaveta Fedorovna Romanova who passed reliquary cross to nun for some time before tragical events. Due to it the cross was preserved up to now.

Temple in the name of holy Serafim Sarovskiy became the second on account. It was laid on the 10th March, 2001 and it was consecrated on the 7th June. In Russian Orthodox Church believe that it is constructed in the place where they found residues of bonfire site where they could burn Romanovy`s bodies.

The temple in the name of holy saint Sergiy Radonezhskiy was incorporated on the 15th March,2001 and it was consecrated on the 16th July of that year. The temple consists of a few levels and it is resembling to Chinese pagoda. On legend, Nikolaev church from Khabrin was in the base of temple`s project.

There is a temple in the name of the Prelate of Nikolay, Likiyskiy World of the miracle man on territory. It was consecrated on the 19th May, 2002 in the birthday of the last emperor. There are 17 canopies in its which are reminder of the bottom of tragedy: imperial family was shot on the 17th July,1918.

According to the portal there are two esteemed images of holy Nikolay miracle man in the temple. One of them is written on Athos and it consecrated on the relics of the saint. The second icon belonged to himself Nikolay II. On legend, John Tobolskiy`s prelate image belonged to Grigoriy Rasputin.

Cross at the mine

Probably, one of the main places for pilgrims and tourists is worship cross and flooring at that mine where they threw out Romanovy`s bodies in 1918.

Circular wooden path with canopy is made around the mine and the portraits of the emperor, empresses and their children are installed. Place is decorated by fresh flowers in summer time. Four-meters long worship cross is installed at the very beginning of way. There are words on beside stone: “I will not spare him because he burned the bones of the Edom`s king into lime”.

Modern technology on guard of memory

If you come to Ganina`s Yama, you can visit museum. By the way, it was updated in this year. They organized a few interactive halls equipped with the latest technology besides stands with photos, stories, historical information and Romanovy`s personal things. Exhibition project is devoted to imperial family and it presents the development`s chronicle of events on modern information carrier.

Religious procession is committed every year in night with 16th on 17th July in anniversary of the execute the last emperor and his family from Temple on Blood in Ekaterinburg to monastery on Ganina`s Yama. A few thousand pilgrims participate in its.

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