The girl from the Orenburg region went to China

While some dream to throw everything and go far away, others are actively going to change. For example, they go to work abroad. Learn how Russian teacher live in China.

Anastasia Bezobrazova was born and raised in a small village in Asekeevskogo area. As a teenager, she became interested in learning foreign languages, so when it came time to choose a profession, there was no doubt. Now Nastya is a professional linguist. In the middle of studying at the University she went to China to exchange student experience. As she confessed to us, she truly loved this country and learned their language. On her return home she taught Chinese in one of the Samara schools. But still pulled back.

Anastasia remembered that when she went to Taiwan (this is her second experience of student exchange), her friend told about her sister, who went to China to teach English. Also decided to try. Started looking for agencies with which you can go to work abroad. On the way to achieving the goal there were many obstacles, the main of which-money and time. Before the trip, Anastasia had to get a TESOL certificate, which gives the right to teach abroad. To do this, she studied two books, which include 18 modules of 20 lessons and written in English.

She is now in Suqian, which has a population of about six million people.

Foreign teacher

Foreign teachers in China do not conduct basic classes, do not give grades, do not fill in journals and so on. Their task is to entertain children. It is important at this time to talk to them only in English. In their classes, children actively spend time and watch various educational videos.

Anastasia spends 4 lessons in the first two and two second classes every day. As the girl notes, during the lesson there is simply no opportunity to sit down. You need to constantly be on the move and give everything in full. Her lessons last until lunch. After that she sits at school and prepares for the next working day till 17.00.

Educational process

Every day both children and teachers are at school from 8.00 to 17.00. For this time passes 6-7 lessons. In the middle of the day they have a mandatory hour and a half rest, which provides sleep. The teacher is supposed to come to the classroom 5 minutes before the lesson. For late teachers there is a system of fines. Late to class – pay 1000, translated into the Russian currency, the omission of this lesson is 5000, pass a day – 20000.

After the second lesson, the children charge. At 12.00 – lunch. After the teacher take the children to class to rest, and assistants sleep on cots in the office (so they called the teacher’s room). On certain days, children are taken to the pool.

In each class hanging the interactive whiteboard. Teachers and assistants have the ability to display materials from their phone directly on the screen. At the edges of the audience are special shelves, where children put their briefcases and bottles of water. Each student has his own Desk, but two desks are connected together, the bottom provides a shelf for books or notebooks, similar to the one that was in the old Soviet desks.

During the lesson, students listen very carefully to the teacher. Very rarely start a conversation topic or do something of an outsider. For this the teachers are very strongly criticized them.
In one class studying sometimes 60 people. Daily Chinese have 6-7 lessons. Sometimes high school students come to school on Sundays. They have a very busy schedule. Chinese teenagers are not allowed to have relationships. Those who violate this rule will be expelled from school.

The cult of food

Anastasia told us that the Chinese are very sensitive to the diet. There you will never hear the standard question “how are you?”instead, they ask,’ have you eaten?”.
The girl remembers that on the first working day one girl brought her Breakfast. It consisted of egg and Baoji (steam cake). For colleagues the real reason for experience if they learn that Nastya didn’t have Breakfast.

Near the school there is always a van that sells fresh breakfasts, and at 12.00 the whole country (without exaggeration) has lunch.
They also have a very interesting attitude to hot water. They are accustomed from childhood to its obligatory use. The Chinese believe that it is good for the body and health. Interestingly, they drink tea much less. If and use the, then without sweets and other supplements.

There is no bread in China. They eat rice instead. In addition, they have a meal served cakes, but it is not an analogue of bread.

Also there is no expression “there is soup”. Instead, they say “drink soup ” and literally drink it.

Attitude to Russian

Anastasia was warmly welcomed in China. Colleagues help not only at work, but also tell where they are and give useful advice on the device of life.

Students perceive the girl is very active, always coming over and asking millions of questions: “where are you from?”, “what’s your name?”, “how did you get there?”, “are you Chinese or foreign?” and so on. Constantly treated to some sweets.

Pupils attract the eyes of Nastya, say that they are very large. Children often hug her and give their drawings. Some students just silently come and watch. As the girl admits that it’s sometimes even scary.

Of course, the Russian language no one knows. Nastya communicates with local people in English and Chinese. But she often hears the statement that Russian girls are the most beautiful.
About Russia in Suqian know practically nothing, except stereotypes. There are two most popular questions asked by Nastya: “is it always cold in Russia?” and “all Russians drink vodka?”.

Money matters

When we talked with Anastasia, she admitted that working in another country “is a great way to earn”. On her grief, we have not coped with curiosity and asked about her salary. It turned out, in month girl earns 120 000 rubles, of which 8820 go on taxes. Now almost all funds go to the registration of all documents.

And, by local standards, Nastya does not earn much. Her colleagues, the natives, have a much higher salary. It is not to say that the prices in the stores “bite”. Clothing and food in fast food restaurants is very cheap. But the products in the store are more expensive than in Russia.

Chinese traditions and” interesting ” laws

Our conversation with Anastasia fell on Monday. Despite this she had a day off. As it turned out, September 24 they celebrated the mid-autumn Festival. This day is declared non-working.

For residents of China, this holiday is the second most important after the Chinese New year. For ten years, this day is an official holiday. Celebrate this holiday with your family. Relatives gather at the same table. They call it the “reunion meal”. Also, an integral element of the celebration – admiring the full Moon. Even those who in this day is far from close, in a certain moment are beginning watch Sputnik Earth. And everyone knows that at this moment people dear to his heart do the same.

This day to give Janzssa, which translates as “moon stick”. It is interesting that now this tradition has practically come to naught. Oddly enough, the reason for this – the fight against hidden corruption. It happened for a reason. Stories are actually known cases of “gingerbread corruption”. Once the official made the following offering: cheap moon cakes, packed in a gold box, inlaid with diamonds.

This year, on the eve of The mid-autumn holiday, the Chinese Commission for the inspection of corruption discipline issued an official circular with a reminder of what holiday gifts will be considered as the fact of bribery and embezzlement. Moon cakes were among them.

“And every day we meet on Instagram…”

Personal page Anastasia Bezobrazova in one of the social networks – a boon for lovers of travel. Since her student days, she has been telling her subscribers about China in detail. Now she makes small sketches about her working life almost every day. Recently, she shared with friends a drawing that she gave a student. The girl said that it is painted Nastya.

The girl is going to live in Suqiang for a year (until next autumn). Then she will return to Russia, because she misses her parents and homeland. Anastasia is making interesting plans for life. She dreams of travelling. There is no exact plan of action yet, but it will appear very soon. We can only be happy for this little girl, actively exploring the big world.

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