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Daler Kuzyaev, the midfielder of the Russian national team, made his first football steps in Orenburg. Thus, we can say that the Orenburg region has made some contribution to the success of the Russian national team at the current world championship.

Daler came with his parents from his native Naberezhnye Chelny, being very small in Orenburg. His father Adyam Kuzyaev was a professional football player and was invited to play in the Orenburg “Gazovik”. The love of football the future of the Petersburg player “Zenit” has emerged in early childhood.

Father in his interview “Sport-Express” told:

— We went out to drive a ball with our sons to the school wasteland. Ruslan was 13 years old, Daler was 7. At some point, the youngest son fell, broke his knee in the blood. I was frightened, and he immediately jumped up, waved: “Dad, everything is fine” and continued to play. I was shocked.

When Adyam Kabirovich finished his career and began to work in the club as a coach, he gave his son to his colleague Alexander Degtyarev with the words: “Don’t miss him, he has a great future”.

The first Daler`s mentor refused at first, because he was dealing with guys two years older, but he took the future champion under his care in the end.

Little talent immediately began to play on an equal footing with older students and even he surpassed them in some ways.

Degtyarev so spoke of him in one of the esters of the GTRK “Orenburg”:

— He had a great technique. He could have given a pass like no one else could. He was, however, physically rather weak, but pretty good. Daler went to competitions with senior groups, and I tried not to risk his health, so released segments of 5 minutes, speaking after a smaller climb in the fight. And he looked good.

Daler didn’t miss the chance

Kuzyaev moved to St. Petersburg, where he formed completely as a football player after a few years of training in “Gazovik”. He had to wait a long time for his chance, randomly hanging out on the clubs of the second and first Russian League. And when finally, this chance appeared, the Dealer did not miss it. Having played three seasons in Terek, he moved to Zenit and in the first game for the club scored a goal, which was the first in an adult career in the summer of 2017. And soon challenges began in team, preparation and participation in home world Cup, on which he arrived on the field in start or on replacement in every match.

Can we say that Orenburg region contributed to the success of the Russian team at the tournament? Why not? The first coach, the first competition, the first desire for a successful future – all this connects Daler kuzyaev with our region.

A few interesting facts from the life of a football player:

1) Daler could play in the Spanish championship. When he played for Terek, he wanted to buy the club “Las Palmas”, but he failed to agree on the price of the transfer.

2) At first, he was not taken to the adult team of Zenit because of his thinness and low growth. Therefore, Kuzyaev’s professional career began in the Petrozavodsk club “Karelia” from the second Russian League.

3) Midfielder successfully combines training and study. Last year he graduated from the master’s degree program of St. Petersburg state University of Economics with a degree in “Management of public and private enterprises”.

4) Daler is a third generation football player. Except the father of Adjyama, his grandfathers Kabir and Micodes Kuzaeva played professionally in football.

5) Kuzyaev received an offer to play for the national team of Tajikistan – his parents come from there. However, Daler decided to act under the Russian flag, as he was born in Naberezhnye Chelny.

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