Alexander Rodimcev’s memories will devote portrait on the wall of residential house

A new art object will decorate Orenburg by the Victory Day. A portrait of Alexander Rodimtsev, twice Hero of the Soviet Union, Colonel-General, will be on the wall of a nine-storey residential building on the Brestskaya Street. The idea will be realized by muralist Marina Yagoda from Novosibirsk.

This is not the first Marina’s work in our city. The girl from the lyceum № 5 decorated the facade last year. She painted two students, picture symbolizes meeting women’s and men’s and also humanitarian and technical began.

Hero Alexander Rodimtsev`s portrait will be illuminated by the sun, which, according to the artist, symbolizes the Eternal flame

— I’m glad that the painting will be nontrivial. I am sure that it will become a landmark for Orenburg and it will find a response from the residents of the city, because everyone knows Alexander Ilyich, – said Marina.

Orenburg residents can watch the creation of graffiti the other day.

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