Modern, young, hard-working…

The worker`s image has developed in many ways thanks to the Soviet films, but the modern specialist has a different format. What kind of worker of the XXI century? What do advanced labour youth keen on? Chairman of the Orenburg regional youth public organization of working youth “Profi”, Alla Majer told about this the “Orenburg week”.

As before, young people are very active not only in work, but also in social life.

— Children are ready to give more, to do something more for society, for the city and the enterpris in comparison with students and schoolchildren, – said Alla.

For example, there are they do participate themselves very active in the community work days and to conduct them. Working youth has a high level of motivation, many people sincerely love their profession and do not want to leave it anywhere. Such specialists do a lot for their companies in their spare time and strive to develop.

— The microclimate in the team is important-it is the guarantee of good work, because we spend a lot of time with co-workers, – said the Chairman of the public organization.

Modern young workers already now can influence economy, even if this influence will be not realised. The result of the work of each individual specialist will affect the activities of the enterprise as a whole, but you need to be active not only in work, but also active socially. And there are many such people in our region. Young people have many ideas that can and should be implemented.

For example, the guys from Sorochinsk themselves filled the rink in the winter to the delight microdistrict inhabitants. It wasn’t done even by local authorities before them. Young man with his friends created park project from Buguruslan. It was transferred to the local administration. This is only the first stage, but young people are serious about making their dream come true. Many people don`t understand that their ideas can be implemented, you just need to not give up and try to be useful for themselves and others. Alla Mayer advises don`t sit and wait for someone to come and do something for you, you have to take matters into your own hands and do it yourself. Strong and competent leaders grow who will be able to lead the rest in the right direction from such young professionals.

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