The lost childhood: Orenburgin told about how he met his father from the front

Interrupted youth, spoiled childhood… Stories of people who during the Great Patriotic war were still children can be collected in more than one book. And it will be written in tears.

It is difficult to believe that the beautiful and smiling Maria Ludishcheva remembers the horrors and hardships of war. She cordially welcomes guests, treated to freshly baked pancakes, supports any conversation and, most importantly, smiles.

The shadow of sadness appears on her face only when it comes to war. Then, back in 1941, Maria Pavlovna was only five years old.

She remembered clearly they saw off to front her father. Maria Pavlovna admits that she did not quite understand what was happening. The father was going somewhere, mum, 14-year-old sister and 9-year-old brother cried. Little Mary cried. The child’s heart told her that something very sad and dangerous was happening.

A vacant lot served as a place of common collection to be sent to the front on the street of Kirov. All the soldiers were dressed in military uniforms and sent in echelons. Women cried, some fainted. Maria Pavlovna mum`s eyes were filled with tears.

Fighters left in the cars intended for transportation of cattle. Didn`t suffice place. Therefore, little Mary’s father was escorted three times. He was taken away after the third trip to the wasteland. Completely different and heavy life started.

Coal for the furnace wasn`t enough. The cow, which was practically the only breadwinner of Maria Pavlovna`s family, was used as a horse. Mother harnessed her, and they went to the wood for firewood. Although pea-tree hardly be called wood. To somehow warm up, from the sticks made dung (mixed with manure, put in a special machine, and the resulting briquettes dried). This stoked the furnace.

We lived poor. There were no normal clothes or shoes. Maria Pavlovna remembers that she walked in stitched felt slippers. They had no warm clothes. They went out into the street unless absolutely necessary in winter.

The bright memories remained. Maria Pavlovna fondly recalls the school and her first teacher Tatyana Semenovna. She doesn`t remember her last name, but she remembers that she always painted her lips with red lipstick. Our heroine carried a strong belief through life that a beautiful woman necessarily paints her lips.

Love for the first teacher allowed not to notice that classes were held in a small school. It was always very cold there. There was no paper. Maria Pavlovna remembers that she learned write between the lines on old newspapers. There were lined notebooks later. They learned calligraphy. They wrote with feathers and ink. By the way, the ink was a big problem. It was extremely difficult to find useable.

But the brightest memory is still connected with 1945.

— I was about ten years old. I went out to the yard for water. I look man went. I immediately understood it was dad. I don’t know how I knew him. What can a five-year-old child remember? But I felt that it my beloved and dear person. He also recognized me, – Maria Pavlovna told with tears in her eyes.

The father of our heroine returned from the war all covered with wounds. He was sewn together literally in parts. Maria Pavlovna says that the dad`s back was white-the tissues were dying.

According to the woman, the first May 9 – it was truly a holiday with tears in the eyes. A woman`s crying heard on all Orenburg. Someone cried with happiness: “Came, alive and unharmed”. And someone bitterly realized: “He will not return”.

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