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Russian cinematography is a rather controversial topic. Someone is looking for strengths in it, someone, on the contrary, sees only the negative. What do professional actors think about this?

There is a film festival «East & West. Classic and avant-grade» for several days in our city the competition program of which includes domestic films. The question of their quality and relevance was raised at the press conference held before the opening.

Tatiana Voronetskaya, President of the film festival, complained to journalists that the pictures of Russian Directors, worthy of attention, are not in demand among our viewers. As a rule, as part of the screenings, people go to the cinema, but it is necessary to let the domestic film out of the festival days — the halls are empty.

Actor Alexander Mikhailov shared her worry. According to him, many tapes, lie on the shelf for which “not ashamed», and the date of their release is so unknown that most likely we will never see these works. Modern viewers are more interested in fights and unpretentious plot. Sometimes we just don’t want to think about something.

The play “And again with the coming” became the next link in the chain of these arguments in which the main roles were played by Leonid Yarmolnik and Nikolai Fomenko. The heroes of statement from scene reason that modern actors become shallow. A new generation of actors is too “empty”.

—Now great roles get to anybody! Once he only lit up in some popular TV series, and now he’s hamlet! And it is empty, he has nothing to say to the viewer, – the failed actor shared with the audience, played by Nikolai Vladimirovich.

It is unknown as to such actors Fomenko applies. But Leonid Yarmolnik has long outlined his position on this issue. He is very sensitive to the profession of actor. he was a permanent member of the jury of the popular game Club for the Lightheaded and Quick-witted for many years. However, the Yarmolnik cooled to the Maslyakov program a few years ago. In one of his interviews, he said he still has a warm attitude to this game, but he is confused by the fact after it professional economists, engineers, teachers and so on begin to call themselves actors. Acting is hard work, and this profession needs to be learned like any other.

Marat Basharov spoke very hotly on this topic in the framework of his creative evening, which was held the other day in the Orenburg Tatar drama theater. M. Faizi. The actor is indignant regarding in the cinema just about everyone, not understanding, what responsibility lays down on them. He cited the example of Natalia Medvedeva, a participant in the popular women’s television project. As you know, she has experience shooting movies. Once Basharov asked her if she liked the role of actress.

Natalia replied,”It was fun.”

Such answer was buffer shock for actor. Also Marat sees the reason of the fallen quality of the domestic cinema in those who shoot these films. Bankers and businessmen get in the filming process.

They have fun. And it turns out on the exit what turns out.

All artists as one says: any craft you need to study hard, and their profession is no exception to the general rule!

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