At school of rock as a holiday

My teenage sons started a rock band about 20 years ago. Since noisy youngsters never waited in the rehearsal point has become our place, becoming a curse on the porch.

However, the neighbors showed generosity, allowing the boys to play electric guitars and knock the drums at a certain time. What was my surprise when a few years later, the eldest son Egor, who became a guitarist, went to conduct a master class in the school of rock, arriving in his hometown. The only one whose apartment was rehearsing a rock group, you will understand the value of this “charity” institution. It wanted very much to get acquainted with the person who took noisy children under the wing. Probably, this is a seasoned ” old ” rocker, behind whose shoulders the thorny path of a rock musician and not one shattered guitar. And a new reason for surprise: Svetlana Hodyacheva proved the Director of the School of rock, fragile charming blonde, like no Courtney Love, nor any other naughty rocker.

—  I’m not a rocker. I’m an economist. I graduated from Samara economic Academy. However, I have a cello-class music school behind me.

— Then why is rock music?

— It’s not even about the rock. I was always tormented by the question: why music is so uninteresting to do? I remember it was boring and the theory of music and solfeggio in the fifth grade of the music school. I thought it was a waste of time. Although I still had a great desire to learn in the fourth grade. If it wasn’t for mom, I’d probably quit music. But I still held out until the end. And I forgot about this period of my life. Entering the correspondence faculty of the economic Academy, I got a job in Sberbank. I started with an ordinary controller-cashier in the smallest branch of our city. But my exuberant energy did not give me rest. I have grown to of the Bank Card Department of the Bank of the Volga. I worked in the Department, where I supervised six territories for the production of Bank cards including Orenburg. But I always knew that it was absolutely not mine, that I needed some creativity. And so 11 years passed.

— Wait a minute! Aren`t you from Orenburg?

— I’m from Samara. I had no idea that I would leave Samara. But circumstances developed the husband on work required to move to Orenburg six years ago. I followed the children with her husband as the Decembrist`s wife. It was hard at first. Not a single familiar soul. Now, coming to Samara, I’m eager to Orenburg. My friends are here, there’s a lot of interesting things.

— How did you open the school?

— When we moved to Orenburg, twin girls, were two years’ old. It’s time to go to work. Did not want to. Especially in Sberbank. But there is such word – “need to.” I came to the Bank and I had an interview. I rose to the personnel Department to agree on the release date. «When are you ready to go out? », «Never»- I answer. The personnel officer was surprised: if you change your mind, come, you have a week. I left the office. And so it became easy for me,I took off my high – heeled shoes, which I bought for work in the Bank, and I skipped to the elevator. There was a phone call. I am offered as a gift a promoted brand franchise of the school of rock, which successfully works in different cities of the country and abroad. I was happy to be creative – it’s mine! And the next day I was looking for a room. I found the ninth floor of the factory “Inverter”, where we still are. Literally bit by bit I began to gather teaching staff. Not all settled. But those who remained are happy. First of all musicians. Because everyone has a group in which they play, and the school has become a platform for rehearsals. And communication with each other helps them to grow.

— What do they teach at rock School?

— They teach to sing, play acoustic and electric guitar, keyboards and drums. The number of students, and we have 130-140 people, shows that it is interesting. And so much so that some learn for 3-4 years and are not going to go anywhere. They found themselves, their company and best friends. They feel at home here. They drink tea, order pizza, communicate, rehearse. This is what we are focused on, and not on the fact that the child learned to play and sat with their knowledge at home. Drummers give their students, guitarists – their own, vocalists – their own already for the first reporting concert. Joint rehearsals begin. Sometimes it’s full of trash! They never played in groups, and here they are beginning adjust to each other. They work a lot. As a result, creative teams are created, which ultimately can act as cover bands at a very decent level. I won’t be ashamed of them. We have some kind of event-the concert, the master class almost every week. Perovsky Park held a festival dedicated to the children’s day in the 1st June. There were 15 platforms where it was possible to visit not only musical master classes, but to be engaged in dances, yoga in hammocks, wushu, archery and a crossbow, to take lessons of the Chinese language. There was a big concert in which rock in all guises performed by our guys in the evening. By the way, a country camp has run in the days of school holidays for the third year, curators in which our senior students work.

— Do artists have performance tours?

— Twice a year we go on a tourist trip and perform everywhere. We get on the bus, take guitars and go to Kazan, Ufa, Samara, Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg. We’re not going to Moscow. I would like to see the new year’s capital.

— Don`t you miss the opportunity to arrange a meeting of your students with famous musicians?

— Yes, the guys managed to communicate with Vadim Samoilov, Boris Grebenshchikov, musicians of the group «Aria», «City 312»Yuri Shevchuk launched guys on soundchek DDT. Star colleagues gave their guitars, showed their “chips” and guitar «gadgets».With great interest the boys took the communion with our fellow – guitarist Egor Averyanov by playing with the top artists. It all started when he came to our camp. 135 children listened as he played, as he said, opening his mouth. Then there was a master class at the school, where Egor played songs from his album. By the way, among his fans are not only students, but also some of our teachers. Such meetings give impetus to development.

— Do your daughters join the music?

— Of course, they do. One got carried away vocal. The other likes to put dancing.

— What about you?

— I practice a little on the keys. I would very much like to restore relations with the cello. Even began to dream that I play the cello. And last year the teachers gave me a certificate, according to which I went to the Institute of arts for a month to study at the Department of stringed instruments. I began to play the notes from the first lesson. Hands were shaking, so was exciting. My daughters were shocked when they saw me with the cello. Now set out to buy a good tool. And start playing.

— What kind of music do you like?

— I love Arbenina and Zemfira. But generally I like all kinds of music. I ready to listen to hard metal, classic and jazz. Modern pop music is less and less. But nevertheless. Everywhere you can find something new, hear something interesting.

— To be honest, the rock environment is not very trustworthy. You know what I mean?

— Well, many parents initially think that School of rock is a dangerous place. But when they come to us, the questions disappear. They become calm for their children. We have a short talk in terms of discipline. We value our reputation very much. If our teacher smokes, I can`t forbid him to smoke, but I can forbid him to smoke with children. Parents clearly know that none of our events have a drink. We position ourselves as a school. It doesn’t matter rock or not rock. We’re school. We show children what is possible and what is not. Personal example, not in the form of lecture. We can tell you anything. But what kind of life do we lead? So is music. They watch their teachers play. And, too, are beginning to live this music. And if initially listen to “Gaza”, then a few months later they are interested in Eric Clapton.

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