I want you to cry!

Days of the festival “East & West. Classics and avant-garde ” give us an unforgettable experience. All week we can watch good movies and attend cultural events.

The living flame of the famous actor’s soul

Creative evening of Alexander Mikhailov, which was held at the Tatar drama theater. M. Faizi, a long time will warm the souls of the viewers. The meeting was filled with some magical warmth. On the stage stood a burning candle. Alexander Yakovlevich thanked the organizers for it.

—Not everywhere. Afraid of fire. I have many times assured the administrators that in case the breast will fall on the flame and extinguish it! Not believe. And here believed and understood me. Thanks for that. A candle on stage is fundamentally important to me. It warms my soul, – so Alexander Yakovlevich began performance.

The actor immediately warned his guests that he did not want the meeting to become an ordinary concert. He went on stage for a dialogue with people. After that, he began to talk about the most touching moments of his life. I did it step by step, as if turning the pages of the book.

He remembered the mother, Stepanida. According to Alexander Yakovlevich, it is to her he owes everything he has. He remembered her hands. The actor admitted to us that as a child he could not understand why his mother was so beautiful, slender, and his hands were big and rough. When I grew up, I realized – country work does not give beauty. It’s exhausting. And my mother had to work a lot. She raised her son alone, divorced her husband when Alexander Yakovlevich was still young. The actor admits that later he was ashamed of his childhood thoughts. He often asked:

— Mother, forgive me!
— Yes for that?
— And just like that I’m sorry and all.

As a young man, he promised that he would do everything possible to make his mother’s hands softer. And fulfilled promise. Only Stepanida has not been in this world for a long time.

Russian songs.

Alexander Yakovlevich is sensitive to his roots. He did a great job to learn about his ancestors. Now he transfers this knowledge to children. The actor is proud that his seventeen-year-old daughter has a gift to perform Russian motives. Alexander Yakovlevich told from the stage that in moments of anguish he always goes to Miroslav and asks to sing for him. My daughter comes from behind, hugs her shoulders and sings.

— That she sang, and I have tears. But I’m crying with happiness. I wish you all to cry, but only tears of joy – wished Orenburg famous actor.

Terrifying modernity

Currently, according to Alexander Mikhailov, ugly. We’ve lost our bearings, we’ve forgotten how to feel. Animal instinct reigns Supreme. Contemporary art simply stuns him. Especially afraid of the lyrics. However, as an example, he cited the hits of the late 90’s. Oh, Alexander Yakovlevich, stay away from the radio, you can be disappointed even more!

He did not avoid the conflict with the neighboring state, which lasts for more than a year. The actor can not understand the meaning of what is happening and forgive the humiliation that suffered many people caught in a string of these crazy events. In his heart still a glimmer of hope that the peoples reconciled. People should not quarrel just because they have differences.

Meanwhile, Alexander Yakovlevich, an Orthodox man, stands on the stage of the Tatar drama theater, which is located in Orenburg, and in the hall sit Russians, Tatars, Kazakhs, Bashkirs, Ukrainians. Everyone’s happy. In the hearts of men the peace and quiet. The example of Orenburg is something to strive for, the actor believes.

He flew away, but promised to return

Two hours of the meeting flew by like five minutes. Leaving, Alexander Mikhailov asked today to do without autographs and photographs. Promised, that very soon will return in Orenburg. Already on the final notes, the audience carried flowers to the stage. It is remarkable that women did it. And each of the fans Alexander Yakovlevich kissed on the cheek.

After all withdrew from the the room. Journalists attacked the audience with questions about their impressions. Everyone knew the biography and work of the actor. Many came with their children and grandchildren. When asked why they brought such young spectators with them, they answered that they want their children to learn from an early age to a good movie. Well, we can only rejoice.

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