My soul is dancing

How to succeed? How to find your way? How not to forget your city after gaining fame? Ilshat Shabaev, dancer, choreographer, winner of the project “Dancing on TNT” told us about this and many other things.

A few years ago, the name of the Orenburg Ilshat Shabayev thundered throughout Russia. The reason for this was his victory in the dance project of the famous TV channel. Plastic guy quickly remembered by the judges and the audience. By the way, at the time of participation in the “Dance” Ilshat had a very good professional experience: he has already participated in dance projects, managed to light up on television and was even selected for the musical “Notre-Dame de Paris”.

The stunning success, however, did not change the dancer’s attitude to his hometown. Ilshat often happens in Orenburg, and this year he even began to supervise the project “Academy of dances”, the implementation of which takes place on the basis of the summer Orenburg camp “Yantar”.

— Ilshat, let me start our conversation with a traditional and probably hackneyed question: why dance?

— The answer is simple: because my mother once gave to the dance. I was 4 years old then. At first, I didn’t like it very much. I was irritated ballet shoes, shorts, t-shirts, gymnastic machine.

— Except dancing, were you doing something else?

— There was a period when I left the dance for two years. At that time I tried myself in sports: swimming, Boxing, Wushu, kung fu. And in all directions he showed himself well. However, dancing still lured me to his side. And it happened thanks to the head, Victor Yakovlevich, who taught me in the ensemble of tap dancing. He found me at school, said that a week later the whole group goes to Moscow for the competition, and asked me to come back for this.

— At what point did you realize that dancing is serious and for life?

— Once I realized that dancing accompanies me through life and I feel comfortable dancing. At that time, I really liked to do it and it brought earnings. But I never ruled out that I would do something else.

— What else would you like to do?

— At one time I wanted to go to study for an interior designer. I independently studied and bought special magazines. But so far, I understand that there is no time to study with such a tight work schedule. I try in my spare time to engage in self-development, somehow pump myself.

— So, are you a supporter of the opinion that a person should be diverse? Or should everyone, so to speak, find his horse and ride only on it?

— You know, I think that if a person has managed to find his business, he should develop for the most part in a given direction. If he has achieved some success in his field, it is definitely impossible to throw. It’s different. If you have discovered a talent, find several ways to implement and develop it. Dancing? Great, try yourself as a choreographer or a Director of a dance show. A lot of options. Look for them and you will always have an alternative plan of action.

— How did you manage to move to Moscow?

— I`m too obliged to Victor Yakovlevich. He wanted me to go to Moscow and enter the school of culture at the choreographic Department. I listened to him and did not regret. After enrollment, my supervisor went with me to the capital, supported me morally and was a mentor. His support at first helped me a lot, and only then I became a completely independent person. As a student, he constantly went to various auditions and participated in dance projects. First he got into the musical “Notre-Dame de Paris”, then became a participant, and then the winner of the project” Star of the dance floor ” on MTV. Then began various master classes. Life started to spin.

— In order to achieve something, you always need to set yourself up, to encourage something. What do you think is the best motivation for professional development?

— It’s a journey for me. Going somewhere, I do not want to deny myself something. I want to live in the best hotel, take a yacht, ride it, enjoy this life. And the second point: if you have talent, you just have to earn it. Otherwise, the efforts of teachers and parents who have invested in you all the best, will be in vain.

— What is success?

— Success is not a short-term take off. This is a state when a person was able to stand on his feet and began to develop independently in his direction. Success is a situation in which you feel free and happy.

— Do you think, and the little Ilshat Shabayev satisfied with a by large Ilshat Shabayev?

— Yes, little Ilshat Shabaev is satisfied. But I think that little boy, imagining what he would become in the future, wanted to achieve even more. However, he could not imagine much. He could not think that he would once become a participant in high-profile projects — they simply did not exist at that time. But this boy was very ambitious. He set himself only great goals. I remember, he even dreamed of flying into space.

— Did this ambition disappear with age?

— No, every year it only increases. But ambitions here should be considered in a good way. It’s not egocentric. Ambitions arise from the realization that very little time, and you need to have time much. It’s a certain stimulus, a whip, if you will, that makes a person go to the goal.

— At the time when you became a member of the project “Dancing on TNT”, you have already reached certain heights, and lived at that time in the capital. Why did you introduce yourself as a participant from Orenburg?

— I come here. It is always a pleasure to represent your city. In Moscow collected by the natives of different localities of our vast country. Yes, the capital is a city of opportunities, but nobody should forget their roots. You can go anywhere, but you need to remember your home places anyway.

— How to succeed after all?

— You need to constantly motivate yourself. You should always look for something new. There is something interesting in the world every second. Surrounding people go forward. The world is improving every second. This should be understood and taken into account. If you do not develop, then you go down with great speed. You have to be on the wave, keep up with the times. You just have to live and enjoy. And for this to be in society, to find yourself and be able to earn. And to earn the best, doing their favorite thing.

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