The cabin attendants from Orenburg accepted sorts in passenger’s sky.

Three stewardesses from our city accepted sorts at passenger during flying. The boy was born above Rostov. He was named Ivan.

According to the website Main 24, the plane of the airline company “Russia” with pregnant woman flew from Simferopol to St. Petersburg. The passenger complained to indisposition already during climb. Physicians and liner command made decision about emergency landing in the nearest airport – in Rostov-на-дону. Childbirth was rapid, and the boy was born in the sky.

— Everything happened very quickly. Childbirth lasted for about 40-45 minutes, told flight attendants. – Of course, this is an emergency. But physicians working in a cohesive team, and all ended well.

Flight attendants Lyudmila Nikulina, Victoria Lonkina and Catherine Belukhina admitted this happened to them for the first time that over the years in aviation. At the same time, they were fully prepared for such a situation. Flight attendants regularly hone the skills of medical care not only theoretically, but also work out the necessary actions on the simulators.

The newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda-Rostov” reports that the doctors, who so incidentally were on Board, helped to take delivery. When the plane landed, the woman and her son were taken to the nearest medical facility. It is known that the baby was born ahead of schedule – on the 34th week. The weight of the boy is 1.9 kg. Doctors estimate his condition as satisfactory.

As it became clear later, the pregnant woman came back with the six-year-old daughter from rest. The birth of another child was expected only in the autumn.

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