How to succeed? How to find your way? How not to forget your city after gaining fame? Ilshat Shabaev, dancer, choreographer, winner of the project “Dancing on TNT” told us about this and many other things. A few years ago, the name of the Orenburg Ilshat Shabayev thundered throughout Russia.Read More →

Fedor Ablenin didn`t become, remarkable artist of the book, devoted to it all his life. The oldest book designer of Orenburg Region, a unique specialist in fonts, he created so many books that their volumes will take more than one library rack. Among them are two of mine: “Portraits fromRead More →

Days of the festival “East & West. Classics and avant-garde ” give us an unforgettable experience. All week we can watch good movies and attend cultural events. The living flame of the famous actor’s soul Creative evening of Alexander Mikhailov, which was held at the Tatar drama theater. M. Faizi,Read More →

My teenage sons started a rock band about 20 years ago. Since noisy youngsters never waited in the rehearsal point has become our place, becoming a curse on the porch. However, the neighbors showed generosity, allowing the boys to play electric guitars and knock the drums at a certain time.Read More →

Russian cinematography is a rather controversial topic. Someone is looking for strengths in it, someone, on the contrary, sees only the negative. What do professional actors think about this? There is a film festival «East & West. Classic and avant-grade» for several days in our city the competition program ofRead More →

The worker`s image has developed in many ways thanks to the Soviet films, but the modern specialist has a different format. What kind of worker of the XXI century? What do advanced labour youth keen on? Chairman of the Orenburg regional youth public organization of working youth “Profi”, Alla MajerRead More →